One year old photo shoot outfits and photo props


Boy photo shoot ideas seem so hard to find!  When we had our first little guy, I remember searching for cute ideas for outfits and props for his photo sessions.  I still do that for our second little one, and so I thought I would share photos from our one year old photo shoot along with some tricks picked up over time.

  1.  Use accessories.  I hope I’m not sounding like a broken record!  I mentioned my favorite is a hat, and second favorite is a tie.  I didn’t mention that I’m over the edge when you add suspenders to the combination.  This time around we went with mixed patterns.  You can still get this set for boys at Crazy 8.  Our kids have large heads, so the matching hat did not fit.  The hat came from Gymboree.   one year old photo shoot one year old photo shoot one year old photo shoot one year old photo shoot
  2. Include personal items that mean something.  This sock monkey was a gift that his Great Grandma made.  We are thankful our boys get to know some of their Great Grandparents! one year old photo shoot sock monkey 2
  3. Photograph in their nursery/bedroom.  We didn’t do that for our first son, so this time we had pics of our little guy in his nursery at newborn, 6 months, and one year.  I’ll probably display the three stages in a collection. room2 one year old photo shoot
  4.  Use great props.  The smash cake is always great for a one year old photo shoot.  We had used the Fun to be One hat for our oldest son, and used it again.  I enjoy seeing the same outfit or prop in photos of siblings at the same age.  You can still find the hat at Birthday Express.  I posted about the diaper cover and tie here. cake 1 cake 2 one year old photo shoot cake 6 cake 5

I LOVE the antique car.  Our photographer, Elisa, found it in an auction (and the little trike above), and it is perfect for boys.  I would love to go junking and/or resale shopping to find something like this for our house! one year old photo shoot antique car 2

5.   Use classic clothing.  I love this John John coat and riding cap from Rothschild Kids.  It has such a timeless feel to it. one year old photo shoot

6.   Develop a great relationship with a good photographer.  We have been using Elisa Hubbard Studios since our oldest son was born.  We are comfortable with her, and that is when great shots happen!  This photo of both boys was not planned, but I love how it turned out.  It is the best photo I have of both of them in the same shot.   We stumbled upon Elisa when she volunteered her time to follow me around a barn photographing 4-H kids with their pigs in my previous job. one year old photo shoot


All photos in this post were by Elisa Hubbard Studios.

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